"I worked with Walker to create an assortment of exclusive graphics for Sitka's flagship retail store in Bozeman. He did excellent work and the products turned out great. He's a talented artist and overall great guy."

Adam Laskowski

Product Line Manager, Sitka Gear

“Walker Milhoan took an obscure idea of mine and made it into a concrete reality.  We worked closely together throughout the design and implementation process, executing an attractive and effective e-commerce site that will reap rewards for years to come.”

Jeremy Mistretta

Owner, New Age Artisans

"Walker is prompt, professional, very responsive and easy to collaborate with, and has a great designer's eye. I have highly recommended his website and design services to many people."

Jen Livsey

Flying Diamond Cattle Ranch

"Unbelievable work on our company logo and branding package.  I would trust Walker with any and all design related work - simply one of the best."

Sean Puckett

Partner, Catalyst Ag Partners

"Walker corralled my unorganized, all-over-the-place ideas and transformed them into stunning, impactful artwork that perfectly represents the Mountain & Prairie brand."

Ed Roberson

Founder, Mountain & Prairie

Bridger Ski House panoramic
Electric bronc rider
Electric bronc #2
Electric Bronc #3
The Western. A logo.
Swiftcurrent Events logo
Agisle Ranchlands logo
Bison sugar skull for Mountain and Prairie
Free logo
A flying elephant on top of a pink background
Bridger Bowl Blackletter art
Icons for Agisle Ranchlands
Turnrow Logo
Lighthouse Painting logo
FauxCo Fine Art logo
Map Brewing CBD Graphic
Birds of Prey Ski Poster 2019
Birds of Prey Ski Poster 2022
Birds of Prey Ski Poster 2023

Walker Milhoan

Hi there, I'm Walker Milhoan, a professional freelance brand and website developer based in Bozeman, Montana. In addition to web development, I am also a passionate agriculturalist and conservationist. During the summer months, I take care of a few hundred yearling heifers (young female cows) as they graze in the beautiful Bridger and Bangtail mountains.