Simple Livestock Mobile App

July 19, 2022
6 min read


The images below are the actual slide deck for Simple Livestock, a company that I, Walker Milhoan, co-founded in 2018 with a friend of mine. However, the story begins in 2014 while I was enrolled in a technology class at the University of Montana. That summer I was helping work some cattle on the 61 Bar Ranch in Stevensville, Montana when the owner, whom I had been working with for a few years, asked me to help him market his cattle. Traditionally, marketing cattle involves a phone call and a conversation about weights, feed, average daily gains, genetics, etc., but the one big missing piece of the call is data - data is rarely presented when marketing (selling) cattle. 

Taking advantage of my new technical knowledge, I compiled a spreadsheet of information about the cattle’s genetics, health history, diet, and growth performance. Then I captured a few videos of the calf crop with my iPhone and placed all of the data into a Google Drive folder along with a sales contract, and emailed it to the cattle buyer in Iowa. He was blown away by the amount of information that I had just provided him and he readily agreed to buy the cattle without negotiation. He then said, “Man, you should make an app for this!” So I did. 

In 2018 I co-founded Simple Livestock, LLC with a few friends. We designed and developed a fully-functioning mobile application that would streamline the way people buy and sell cattle that would remove the need for a middleman or an auction barn and cut the commission price that sellers pay in half. We calculated that the app would help farmers and ranchers save approximately $40 per head and the average-sized cow herd in the US is 45 head, which equates to a total savings of $1,800 to the rancher.

Unfortunately, our business model was unable to generate enough traction for revenue growth and we were unable to raise outside capital, so we decided to shut down the mobile app and transition to developing marketing websites for agricultural entities, which has since led to me, Milhoan Design, working as a freelance designer/developer. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the deck!