Catalyst Ag Partners

July 19, 2022
2 min read

Company Overview

Catalyst Ag Partners is a Montana-based Agribusiness investing in an integrated red meat supply chain focused on regenerative agriculture and rural community revitalization. With an evidence-based approach, the company leverages technology and 20 years of Ecosystem monitoring experience to create full transparency into where food comes from, and the health of the ecosystem in which it was produced.

Walker was very helpful and instrumental in aligning our brand with our customers and our mission. His design aesthetic is simple and precise, not to mention beautiful, and we would highly recommend Milhoan Design to any business large or small!

Logo and Brand Development

Catalyst Ag Partners reached out to Milhoan Design in late 2021 because of our experience in production agriculture and they know we could design a logo and brand package that would not only look professional enough to present to high-net-worth individuals, but that would also speak to the ranchers and farmers who work with the land and livestock on a daily basis.

Catalyst Ag Partners official dark logo lockup

Catalyst Ag Partners official light logo lockup

Catalyst Ag Partners logo icons by Milhoan Design

Catalyst Ag Partners logo icons

Catalyst Ag Partners wheat head icons

Catalyst Ag Partners infinity icons